September 17, 2010

Last Minute Registrations Accepted: Monday’s “5th Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference”

Even at this late date, people are still registering for our Conferences that begin this Monday, September 20th. You can either register for the three days of the “18th Annual NASPP Conference” (in Chicago) – or the two days of the “5th Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference” & “7th Annual Executive Compensation Conference” (in Chicago or by video webcast) or a combination of both.

If you don’t register today with our HQ, you can still walk-up in Chicago and register by bringing a check or credit card to pay the applicable amount when you arrive. In addition, you can register online with a credit card as late as you want and get an ID/password sent to you automatically to enter the Conference and watch (in fact, you can even do so after Monday as the video of the panels will be archived for nine months – so you can watch them anytime if you have a conflict with the Conference schedule or whenever you want a refresher). Register Now.

Updated: “Printable Set of Course Materials”

For the most relevant of our voluminous set of Course Materials, we have created a single PDF of “Printable Set of Course Materials.” This set was updated today as we just received two last sets of charts that will be referred to during Tuesday’s Conference. [Note that these will be handed out in Chicago – no need to print and lug if you don’t want to.] If you have already printed off this set, these are the two new additions that you can print rather than printing the entire set again:

– for the 1:45 internal pay equity panel, this set of charts from Don Delves

– for the 2:20 inadvertent gains panel, this set of charts from George Paulin

If you are registered for the combo of the “5th Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference” and “7th Annual Executive Compensation,” the full set of course materials can be obtained now by clicking each link in this sentence (note there is a different set of materials for each Conference).

Felix the SEC’s Cat

A lot of members emailed me about Wednesday’s proxy access poll, mostly wondering about the SEC’s cat. The story goes that there has been a male cat named Felix that has roamed the SEC’s halls since the silent movie era (yes, Felix moved anytime the SEC changed the location of its HQ). Staffers are always trying to steal Felix’s magic bag. And I’ve heard that Felix is quite a ladies man…

More Blog Honors: LexisNexis Top 25 Business Law Blogs

We are proud to say that both this blog and our Blog has been nominated for LexisNexis’ Top 25 Business Law Blogs. Having already won the ABA Law Journal’s “Blawg 100” voting contest this year, I am not encouraging you to comment on the list of the LexisNexis nominees as once is enough. But if you are so inclined, here is the info that LexisNexis gave me:

We are inviting the business law community to comment on our list of nominees. If you’d like to request that readers support your nomination, please ask them to comment on the announcement post at: Top 25 Business Law Blogs 2010 – Corporate & Securities Law Community.

To submit a comment, log on to your free web center account. If you haven’t previously registered, you can do so on the Corporate & Securities Law Community. Registration is free and does not result in sales contacts. The comment box is at the very bottom of the page. The comment period for nominations ends on October 8th.

– Broc Romanek