August 20, 2010

Dave & Marty: The Back in the Saddle Show

In this podcast, Dave Lynn and Marty Dunn engage in a lively discussion of the latest developments in securities laws, corporate governance, and pop culture. Topics include:

– Getting ready for the Dodd-Frank Act’s Say-on-Pay requirements
– The latest on the Dodd-Frank Act’s disclosure provisions
– Favorite vacation spots

Another Judicial Roadblock: Judge Won’t Approve Citi-SEC Settlement

A few weeks ago, the SEC and Citigroup entered into a settlement regarding allegations that the company misled investors over subprime investments. Citigroup agreed to pay a $75 million penalty and two former executives agreed to pay $100k and $75k, respectively. Earlier this week, Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle of the SD-NY refused to approve the settlement in this order (here’s a motion for a shareholder to submit an amicus curiae brief); just like Judge Rakoff did in the SEC-Bank of America settlement earlier this year. Here is some commentary on this situation:

Bloomberg’s “Citigroup’s Sweetheart Deal Flunks Smell Test”

WaPo’s “SEC spins judge’s words in defending Citigroup settlement

WSJ’s “Citigroup’s Paltry Debt Penalty

WSJ’s “Judge Won’t Approve Citi-SEC Pact

Securities Law Prof Blog’s “Judge Refuses to Approve SEC’s Settlement with Citigroup”

More on our “Proxy Season Blog”

Even with the proxy season wound up, we are still posting new items regularly on our “Proxy Season Blog” for members. Members can sign up to get that blog pushed out to them via email whenever there is a new entry by simply inputting their email address on the left side of that blog. Here are some of the latest entries:

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– Action by Written Consent: A New Focus for Shareholder Activism
– You Think You Have Problems? How About 13,000 Attendees for an Annual Meeting
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– Less Support for Independent Chair Proposals

– Broc Romanek