July 27, 2010

Action Items: Summer Issue of Compensation Standards

Anticipating the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, Dave Lynn just put the finishing touches on a special “Summer 2010″ issue of Compensation Standards that lays out a number of action items that you should be considering now to comply with the new executive compensation provisions in the Act. This print newsletter is a part of a membership; try a “Rest of ’10 for Half-Price” no-risk trial to gain immediate access to this issue.

Even More Guidance: Ahead of our package of two full-day Conferences on the executive pay provisions of the Act – coming up in just two months – we have just announced a special July 29th pre-conference webcast to help you start taking the actions you need to be taking now. Dave Lynn, Mark Borges and Mike Kesner headline this webcast: “The New Pay Legislation: Action Items.”

If you are not yet registered for the Conferences (either the package of the “5th Annual Proxy Disclosure & 7th Annual Executive Compensation Conference” – or the “18th Annual NASPP Conference”), register now so you won’t miss this critical webcast!

And don’t forget Mark Borges’ “Proxy Disclosure Blog” on, where Mark has been posting analysis daily about the new executive pay provisions of Dodd-Frank.

Governance Rating Merger of Equals: The Corporate Library & GMI

Last Thursday, The Corporate Library and GovernanceMetrics announced they had suddenly merged. Neither of the entity’s products or services (or names) will change – as noted in these FAQs – even their principal places of business will continue to be separate, New York City for GMI and Portland, Maine for TCL. TCL’s CEO Richard Bennett becomes CEO of the combined entity; GMI’s CEO Howard Sherman becomes the Executive Director.

Definition of “Securities”: SEC Staff Believes “Life Settlements” Included

Last week, the SEC’s Life Settlements Task Force (a “cross-Divisional” body created a year ago) released this report recommending that life settlements be clearly defined as “securities,” including recommending that the Commission itself should:

– Consider recommending to Congress that it amend the definition of security under the federal securities laws to include life settlements as securities
– Instruct the Staff to continue to monitor that legal standards of conduct are being met by brokers and providers
– Instruct the Staff to monitor for the development of a life settlement securitization market
– Encourage Congress and state legislators to consider more significant and consistent regulation of life expectancy underwriters

– Broc Romanek