May 18, 2010

Dodd Bill: Heading to “Cloture” and a Vote This Week

A lot of activity in the US Senate late last night, winding up with a motion for cloture (a procedure that limits further debate to 30 hours) that sets up a likely vote tomorrow to limit further debate and pave the way for a final vote on the Dodd bill, potentially by the end of this week, as noted in this Washington Post article.

Many of the 300 proposed amendments won’t be considered before the vote – but the Senate is tackling a fair number of them. Last night, a handful of the amendments were passed by a voice vote. One of these was an amendment from Senators Dodd and Bond that subsumed the amendment that I blogged about yesterday that seeks to preserve Regulation D and Rule 506, as noted in this BusinessWeek article.

As I figure out more details about what was actually passed, I’ll tweet about them – as well as provide an update in this blog manana since I can’t find any specifics as of this morning…

Importance of Enrypted Email

In this podcast, Jim Brashear, General Counsel of Zix Corporation, provides some insight into the importance of encryption (for more info, see his article: “Security of Communications: Heightened Risks for Directors & Executives“), including:

– Why are secure emails important?
– How does encryption work for emails? How simple is the process?
– What does Zix’s service do to facilitate secure communications?

Smaller Company Proxy Disclosures: The Latest Developments

Join us tomorrow for the webcast – “Smaller Company Proxy Disclosures: The Latest Developments” – to hear Mark Borges of Compensia and Dave Lynn of and Morrison & Foerster discuss the expectations of what smaller reporting companies should be disclosing regarding executive compensation practices, which has radically changed over the past few years.

– Broc Romanek