May 27, 2010

Posted: Final Version of Senate’s Dodd Bill (and More)

Yesterday, the final version of the Senate’s Dodd bill – the “Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010” – was made publicly available. At 1,615 pages, it will take quite some time to print (and read!).

If you’re interested in just the corporate governance and executive compensation portions of the RAFSA, check out this 23-page excerpt courtesy of Davis Polk. Of course, we continue to post memos analyzing the bill in our “Regulatory Reform” Practice Area (here is a 8-pager with a nice side-by-side comparison of the House and Senate bills). And stay tuned for an upcoming podcast on the Senate bill next week if you are more audio-inclined…

The Skinny on “Virtual” Law Firms

In this podcast, David Goldenberg of Virtual Law Partners explains how the “virtual” law firm model works, including:

– What is Virtual Law Partners?
– How is the firm run differently than a typical firm?
– From a client’s perspective, how are services provided any different?
– What led you to the virtual model?
– How do you overcome the challenges of not being physically together?

Smaller Company M&A: The Latest Developments

We have posted the transcript of our recent webcast: “Smaller Company M&A: The Latest Developments.”

– Broc Romanek