March 1, 2010

Corp Fin Cleans Up Its Executive Compensation CDIs

Now that the SEC’s new rules went into effect over the weekend (ie. February 28th), Corp Fin cleaned up all of their Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations this morning that deal with the old Summary Compensation Table reporting scheme. It’s unusual to see CDI activity so early in the morning. That certainly woke me up!

Here’s the changes:

Withdrawn Question 119.04
Withdrawn Question 119.05
Withdrawn Question 119.11
Withdrawn Question 119.12
Withdrawn Question 119.15
Revised Question 119.16
New Question 119.24
Withdrawn Question 120.05
Revised Interpretation 220.01

Understanding Investor Perception Studies

In this podcast, David Calusdian of Sharon Merrill Associates explains the importance of investor perception studies, including:

– In a nutshell, what is an investor perception study?
– What types of companies should conduct one?
– Can you provide more details about how one is conducted?
– What ways do you recommend that a company use the study once it’s conducted?
– Should there be a follow-up study?

More on our “Proxy Season Blog”

With the proxy season in full gear, we are posting new items regularly on our “Proxy Season Blog” for members. Members can sign up to get that blog pushed out to them via email whenever there is a new entry by simply inputting their email address on the left side of that blog. Here are some of the latest entries:

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– Broc Romanek