November 24, 2009

The Downside of Blogging: Journalists Are “Out There”

I was trying real hard to not blog at all this week (which would be a first in years) – but I just can’t help myself. That is one downside to becoming a blogger – you look for story ideas in everything you do (or at least, you should be). For every blog I post, there are three that lay in draft form for months and months until I finally delete them as unworthy or untimely. And my blogging style isn’t even that involved – I favor fairly short pieces that link to more information from other sources.

But as Francine McKenna of “” fame describes in this blog, there is another downside to blogging. By blogging, you become a journalist whether you realize it or not – and with that, you open yourself to the world. It comes with the territory.

The good news is that the upsides of blogging far outweigh the negatives in my opinion. You only live once and blogging gives you a great opportunity to connect with like-minded souls. And that’s just a personal benefit. There are numerous professional benefits. Read more about the pros/cons of blogging and whether you have what it takes to blog in my article from the “Summer 2008” issue of (which is still a free publication).

Microsoft’s Shareholders Vote on Say-on-Pay

Last week, Microsoft held its annual meeting, including its first triennal vote on pay (which received 99% support). In this blog, Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel John Seethoff describes the results of the meeting – and links to this Roll Call op-ed by Carpenters Ed Durkin and Microsoft’s GC Brad Smith on why a three-year cycle for say-on-pay makes sense.

So What About the Ohio AG’s Lawsuit Against the Rating Agencies?

In his “D&O Diary” Blog, Kevin LaCroix examines the latest efforts to bring the credit rating agencies to bear for their role in the financial crisis. Good stuff.

– Broc Romanek