October 20, 2009

“Special Proxy Season” November-December Issue: Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

With the upcoming proxy season promising to shake things up and possibly place more companies in “play” than ever before, I decided to create a “special” issue of the Deal Lawyers print newsletter and rush it out so that you can begin to prepare now. This “Special” November-December issue of the Deal Lawyers print newsletter was just sent to the printer and includes articles on:

– How to Respond to a Stocklist Demand
– How to Scrub Your Bylaws Ahead of Proxy Access: Considerations for Delaware Corporations
– A Practical Primer: How to Tabulate and Report Voting Results
– “Practice Points” on Reporting Voting Results
– An Insider’s Perspective: How to Avoid a Yahoo-Like Tabulation Nightmare
– The Growing Importance of “Just Vote No” Campaigns: Analysis and Takeaways

If you’re not yet a subscriber, try a “no-risk trial to get a non-blurred version of this issue on a complimentary basis. Current subscribers should renew now as this is the last issue since all subscriptions expire at year-end.

Please take a moment to participate in our “Quick Survey on Impact of Loss of Broker Nonvotes for ’10 Proxy Season.”

RiskMetrics Publishes ’09 Postseason Report

Always popular, RiskMetrics has posted its final ’09 Postseason Report. It’s a good piece to help read the tea leaves for the upcoming proxy season…

Bringing It: PPIP Finally Gets Going

Back on September 30th, the Treasury Department announced that two firms – Invesco and The TCW Group – have raised the initial capital for the purchase of illiquid assets in accordance with the Legacy Securities Public-Private Investment Fund (since then, 3 more firms have done so). Here is a related Washington Post article.

– Broc Romanek