August 10, 2009

Complimentary Copy: Summer Issue of Compensation Standards Print Newsletter

We just dropped the Summer 2009 issue of the Compensation Standards print newsletter in the mail to members of (members of that site get the print newsletter as a bonus).

Complimentary Copy: Since the issue provides timely analysis of all the regulatory reforms that have recently taken place, we have posted a complimentary copy of the Summer 2009 Issue so that you can get up-to-speed on the radical changes taking place in the executive pay area.

Free for Rest of ’09: Since we know that times are still tough for many, we offer you the ability to be a member of for free for the rest of this year when you try a 2010 no-risk trial. With all the change going on in the executive compensation area, you can’t afford to be without the critical resources on that site (and the Compensation Standards print newsletter, which you get as a bonus for being a member of

More on “Will Facebook Sidestep Google’s Pre-IPO Problems?”

Recently, I blogged about my concern that Facebook might confront the same Section 12(g) issues that plagued Google – forgetting to register at the 500 shareholder/$10 million assets threshold.

I didn’t do enough homework as it turns out that the Facebook did indeed seek relief by filing a Section 12(h) application with the SEC back in 2008. And the SEC granted the relief, providing a limited exemption for certain employee equity grants (this Red Herring article provides a summary explanation).

These 12(h) applications are pretty rare – but I should know better as I was the guy who processed them for a spell back when I was in Corp Fin’s Office of Chief Counsel many moons ago…

A Word of Caution: Take with a Grain of Salt

A member recently sent us this issue of “SEC Today,” which had to issue a correction to a prior issue because someone mistook a technical correcting release from the SEC for something substantive. I am not poking fun at them as mistakes do happen – just look at my mea culpa above.

The reason for me to note this is to remind you to correct us if you see mistakes in this blog (or elsewhere on our sites). It does happen and we will go back and make the fix as soon as we are notified. It ain’t easy being a “journalist”; it can be nervewracking posting these blogs everyday without the layers of review that the mainstream media enjoys. Any and all feedback is appreciated and always kept to ourselves unless we receive permission to use it otherwise.

– Broc Romanek