June 4, 2009

All You Need to Know About Rule 144

Members will be excited to know that we have moved the video archives – and more importantly, the critical course materials, including lots of sample letters, instructions and memos – from our popular conference “Rule 144: Everything You Need to Know – And Do NOW” to our “Rule 144″ Practice Area. Previously, this content was just available to those that paid for the Conference.

As always, we continue to post useful sample documents, either in the relevant Practice Area or in our “Sample Documents” Portal. For example, we just posted this updated chart comparing NYSE and Nasdaq listing requirements.

Latest on Mark-to-Market Accounting

In this podcast, Steve Henning of Marks, Paneth & Shron discusses the latest on mark-to-market accounting, including:

– What is mark-to-market accounting and what is the impact?
– Is mark-to-market subject to flexibility?
– Where do regulators find themselves in the debate?

Southwest’s Annual Meeting: Rapping Attendant Explains Non-GAAP

Thanks to the many members who have sent me the link to this YouTube sensation in which a Southwest flight attendant amuses the company’s annual meeting audience with a disclaimer about non-gaap in the form of rap:

– Broc Romanek