May 6, 2009

Global Accounting Standards: No Convergence for 10-15 Years?

As noted in this article, FASB Chair Bob Herz noted in a recent Financial Crisis Advisory Group meeting, consisting of accounting regulators from around the world, how hard it would be to push the convergence of global accounting standards in the US, mainly due to politics in the wake of the financial crisis. Herz’ statement that it make take 10-15 years to pull it off surprised the room since the so-called Norwalk Agreement, a memorandum of understanding between the FASB and IASB, calls for the completion of all “major joint projects” by 2011.

And who knows, that might be conservative when you read this other article in which it notes that CFOs are urging the SEC to drop a proposal mandating US companies to adopt IFRS. Here are the comments made on the SEC’s IFRS proposal; the extended deadline ended last Monday.

IASB: IFRS Rules Are Freely Available

It’s good to see that the International Accounting Standards Board is following the FASB’s lead and allowing free access to summaries of its core International Financial Reporting Standards. Unfortunately, the IASB’s additional guidance – which includes its rationale for its conclusions – are still subscription-based.

An IFRS’ E-Learning Website: This can be useful for those of you struggling to get up to speed on IFRS: Deloitte has an IFRS’s e-learning website. The site contains a series of IFRS training modules which are offered free once you register.

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– Broc Romanek