February 11, 2008

The Voluntary E-Proxy Quick Survey

After I blogged recently about Broadridge’s latest e-proxy stats, a number of members asked how many shareholders were requesting paper. Based on the stats provided by Broadridge, only an average of 0.79% were requesting paper from companies doing e-proxy so far.

We’re receiving so many queries about e-proxy that I created this new “Quick Survey on Voluntary E-Proxy.” Please take a moment to complete the three questions (note that the third question asks you to estimate even if your company doesn’t intend to e-proxy this year).

And after you take the Quick Survey, check out Dominic Jones’ IR Web Report blog about an e-proxying company adjourning their annual meeting because they missed quorum (note it’s an atypical situation because this particular’s company has shareholders that consist solely of veterinarian customers. Sounds like a dream I recently had; you see, there were these two pigs and a goat.).

E-Proxy & California Conflict: An Update

As I noted above, lots of e-proxy questions being posted in our “Q&A Forum” recently; one of them asked if there were any new developments regarding the California law conflict that I blogged about a while back. Here is an update from Keith Bishop:

No new developments to report. The Corporations Committee of the Business Law Section of the California State Bar is working on legislation but I don’t think any legislative fix will be made in time for this year’s proxy season. I don’t believe that there is much basis for a preemption argument and I don’t think that obtaining stockholder consents is a practical option for a public company.

How to Create an Online Annual Report – Free and in 5 Minutes!

Dominic Jones provides us with a real find – as described in his blog – by illustrating how easy it is to use the free software on However, I second his big caveat: I do not recommend that you convert your online annual report to Flash or images – but if you are going to do so (as too many companies are), then free is the only way to go.

– Broc Romanek