January 25, 2008

Next Wednesday’s “Rule 144 Conference”: Things to Do in Advance

Many of you have registered for the upcoming webconference – “New Rule 144: Everything You Need to Know – And Do NOW” – which will be video webcast on Wednesday, January 30th (video archive will be available starting the following day).

Here are instructions to attend the Conference:

1. Test your access now: To watch the Conference, you will need either the Windows Media Player or the Flash Player (which works for a Mac); RealPlayer will not work for this Conference. To test your access, please go to: “Test Your Ability to Access Webconference.”

2. Determine whether CLE credit is available in your state: We expect this Conference to be accredited for CLE in about 15 states – here is the list of CLE states. CLE credit will not be available for states that are not on this list.

3. If you seek CLE credit, you will need to input your contact information in our “Online CLE Tracker”: To comply with certain state bar requirements, we have built a system whereby those in states where this webcast is accredited and want to earn CLE will need to click through a series of periodic prompts (i.e. about every 15-20 minutes) to prove they sat through the webcast. Soon, we will have this “Online CLE Tracker” up and you can input your information in advance of the Conference if you wish.

4. Print out the Course Materials: You can now access these “Course Materials,” including this printable set of model documents. [We just tweaked a few of the rep letters to add a representation about shell companies – so if you already printed out a set of our model documents, you may want to print them out again.]

5. Attend on Wednesday, January 30th starting at noon eastern: If you intend to attend live on Wednesday, the Conference starts at 12:00 noon eastern time (this is earlier than originally announced as the Conference is now longer). Here is the Conference Agenda, which has the schedule of panels (remember that all panels will be archived and you can watch them afterwards).

To attend, go to the home page of and – and click on the large link at the top with the Conference title and input your ID and password when prompted. If you have questions, please email our HQ at

Podcast: Impact of Stoneridge

In this podcast, Lisa Wood of Foley Hoag discusses the recent US Supreme Court decision regarding aiding & abetting in Stoneridge Investment Partners v. Scientific-Atlanta, including:

– What did the Supreme Court decide in Stoneridge?
– What does this mean for aiding & abetting allegations going forward?
– What should companies and other market participants do to protect themselves in the wake of Stoneridge?

The Stoneridge Memo Phenomenon

I don’t know why it struck me, but the force and speed by which law firms sent their memos out last week – in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s Stoneridge decision – was truly amazing. So far, we have posted over 40 of these memos, with the bulk of them being drafted within 48 hours of the decision being rendered. So below is a question I ask you:

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– Broc Romanek