December 4, 2007

Don’t Forget to Update Your Time & Responsibility Schedule!

A while back, I began warning folks that they need to update their time & responsibility this year for e-proxy; we have now posted a newly updated “Sample Time & Responsibility Schedule” (which is posted in our “Annual Stockholders’ Meeting” Practice Area). In this podcast, John Newell of Goodwin Procter discusses how to update your Time & Responsibility Schedule, including:

– What changes should companies make to their timetable?
– What areas should companies be particularly mindful of this year? In other words, what are the areas where companies often find that they miss a deadline?

Treasury/IRS Issue Notice Allowing 409A Corrections

Yesterday, the Treasury and IRS jointly issued this notice allowing 409A corrections. I know this transitional guidance is something that many had been waiting on…

Key Executive Compensation Takeaways from Our Conferences

The Nov-Dec 2007 issue of The Corporate Executive – which has just been sent to the printer – includes important analysis and guidance regarding fixes companies will need to make to their compensation practices and disclosures next year – and much more. We have posted this blurred issue so that non-subscribers can get a sense of it before trying a 2008 no-risk trial, under which you can get this issue and the rest of 2007 for free. The issue includes pieces on:

– Key Executive Compensation Takeaways from Our Conferences
– Google’s Transferable Stock Options—Follow-Up
– ESOARS—Staff Reaffirms Use to Value Options Under 123(R) (But, Other Accounting Uncertainties)
– The New Requirement to File a Section 6039 Return with the IRS—For 2007?
– Does Anyone Really Care About the FAS 123(R) Earnings Charge? Deep Thoughts II (and Some Shallow Ones, Too)
– The New Rule 144 Amendments—Our Upcoming Video Conference

– Broc Romanek