May 29, 2007

The Evelyn Y. Davis Show

As expected, Evelyn Davis was all entertainment during the SEC’s third proxy process roundtable on Friday. She is a “must see” on the video archive (her panel kicks off at the 1:22 mark; Evelyn starts at 1:27, but its worth hearing the calm voices of the other speakers before her for context). Note that the SEC upgraded the display of its open meetings from audio to video recently.

Marty Dunn did a fair job of keeping Evelyn under control – but she did get a few good ones in, such as screaming that she is prettier than Nell Minow. The SEC has posted a transcript of the first roundtable as well as briefing papers and panel statements for all three.

Private Equity M&A Nuggets

We have posted a transcript from the popular webcast: “Private Equity M&A Nuggets.”

Subprime Lending Developments

In this podcast, Stephen Ornstein of Thacher Proffitt & Wood provides some insight into what is happening in the subprime lending market, including:

– What are the latest developments in the subprime lending area?
– How bad is this market right now?
– For those companies that originate, purchase and underwrite securitizations with subprime loans, what is their respective primary exposure in today’s markets and how do these parties mitigate risk?