April 20, 2007

The NYSE Speaks: Latest Developments and Interpretations: Course Materials Now Available

Tune in on Monday for our webcast – “The NYSE Speaks: Latest Developments and Interpretations” (print off these course materials before the program) – to hear Anne Marie Tierney and John Carey of the NYSE’s Office of the General Counsel discuss:

– What are the latest interpretations regarding director independence issues? Regarding shareholder approval of equity plans?
– What is the impact of the merger with Euronext?
– What rulemakings has the NYSE proposed and adopted recently? What is on the NYSE’s rulemaking agenda for this year?
– What should companies consider when they have a material development from a NYSE listing standard perspective?
– How does one go about getting an interpretive question answered by the NYSE Staff?

And coming up on June 5th: “The Nasdaq Speaks: Latest Developments and Interpretations.”

Heating Up: NYSE and Nasdaq’s Battle for Listed Companies

Did you catch the WSJ article from a while back about the NYSE and Nasdaq facing off for listed companies? This competiton has existed for as long as I can remember – as would be expected since they do compete for listings – but it’s still interesting to note how going public might cause the exchanges to redouble their efforts.

In this vein, the NYSE recently changed its rules to eliminate the initial listing fee if a company transfers its listing from another national securities exchange. The fee waiver is not available if the company still maintains its listing on the other exchange. At the same time, the Nasdaq has modified its annual and listing fees.

Spring Fever?

From a member with spring fever perhaps: “Since your blog sometimes ventures into popular culture (many thanks last year for the “Talk Like a Pirate Day” reminder), I bring to your attention something I had never heard of until yesterday through my son’s high school principal: April 20th is a day when students are likely to skip school and get high. The 4:20 pm time of day referenced in this Wikipedia entry has morphed into 4/20 the day.” It won’t be long before every day is a holiday of some sort or another…