November 14, 2006

Shareholder Access and By-Law Amendments: What to Expect Now

Tomorrow, join us for the joint webcast – “Shareholder Access and By-Law Amendments: What to Expect Now” – to hear Rick Alexander of Morris, Nichols; Rich Ferlauto of AFSCME; Richard Koppes of Jones Day; Professor Brett McDonnell; Ken Wagner of Bank of America and Beth Young of The Corporate Library not only analyze what the SEC proposes in the wake of the 2nd Circuit Court rejecting the SEC’s interpretation of the shareholder proposal rule (in AFSCME v. AIG), but also analyze the latest majority vote developments, including the effectiveness of by-law amendments and director resignation policies – as well as look at what shareholder activists are planning for this proxy season.

Section 404 Reform: Rumors Abound

What happened Sunday when SEC Chairman Cox and PCAOB Chair Olson met to discuss how far to go when they rein in internal controls regulation? Hard to gauge what transpired as there are differing accounts. This article says the two Chairs are at odds; this article says they are near an agreement. We’ll find out the real story come the December 13th open Commission meeting…


I’m taking this whole lawyer’s holiday seriously by paring back my blogging today. It’s “Talk Like Lawyers Write Day”! Go ahead and hug a lawyer…and speak forsoothly