June 21, 2006

Majority Voting: ABA Finalizes Amendments to the Model Business Corporation Act

Yesterday, the ABA issued a press release containing final amendments to the Model Business Corporation Act adopted by the ABA’s Committee on Corporate Laws relating to Voting by Shareholders for the Election of Directors. We have posted these amendments in our “Majority Vote Movement” Practice Area.

3rd Annual Executive Compensation Conference: Early Bird Expiration

Yesterday, I got many frantic e-mails and calls from members rushing to get a check cut for the Early Bird Discount rate available for the “3rd Annual Executive Compensation Conference.”

Even though the deadline ended last night, we will still process any last minute takers of our “firmwide for $995” offer for qualifying members of Just call our HQ at 925.685.5111 – or email (or use the online registration mechanism as the old pricing will still be up there for the next day or two).

Audit Committees in Action: The Latest Developments

Check out tomorrow’s webcast entitled “Audit Committees in Action: The Latest Developments” featuring Amy Goodman of Gibson Dunn; Lydia Beebe of Chevron; Susan Wolf and Steve Koehler of Schering Plough; Jennifer McCarey of MCI; Amy Corn of Pitney Bowes; and Linda Wackwitz of Quovadx. Among the topics of this program are:

– What are the latest developments for audit committee charters, agendas and meetings
– How should the audit committee manage its relationship with the independent auditor, including conducting an evaluation of the auditor
– What issues should be considered when changing independent auditors, reporting a material weakness in internal controls and restating financials
– When should audit committees hire their own experts – and what should be considered before hiring those experts
– How should an audit committee interact with the internal auditor – and ensure management cooperates with the internal auditor

Tune in on July 18th for the third installment of our webcast series dealing with audit committees and their advisors: “How to Develop a Whistleblower Compliance Program Today” – we just posted our half-price no-risk trial for the rest of 2006, so try us out if you haven’t before…

Understanding Whistleblower Hotlines

In this podcast, Alice Peterson, President of Syrus Global, provides some insight how whistleblower hotlines work, including:

– How does your hotline work?
– What are the most common queries asked by potential clients?
– What characteristics should a company look for from a third-party hotline provider?