December 16, 2005

Tips for 10-Ks and Proxy Statements

Getting quite a few questions from members seeking law firm memos about the upcoming proxy season. In addition to our own checklist, these proxy season checklists from law firms are in the “Proxy Season” Practice Area, near the top.

And I recently posted the latest annual update of Alan Kailer’s popular chapter regarding preparation of the executive compensation tables.

For the most recent guidance – ie. after the SEC proposes new comp disclosure rules in early January, as indicated in this recent Chicago Tribune article – check out this upcoming webcast series on “Your Upcoming Proxy Disclosures—What You Need to Do Now!” and “Real Life Examples (and Explanations) to Meet the SEC’s New Expectations.”

And we just announced a third webcast for the series: “Related Party Transactions: What Disclosures You Need to Make Now!” Come listen to the experts as they explain what you need to know for this proxy season!

Mutual Fund Compliance Rule Developments

Lord knows that the scope of this site is already too broad and I am not looking for more work. But I thought I would check in on the mutual fund world via this interview with Victor Siclari of Reed Smith on mutual fund compliance developments.

The Narrowing GAAP

This article provides a good update on the convergence of US and non-US accounting rules and how it is happening quicker than most expected. As things are moving so fast, it probably is time to update our “Globalization of Accounting Standards” Practice Area