October 20, 2005

NYSE May Flag Companies Not in Compliance with Governance Standards

Buried in yesterday’s WSJ (and not available electronically), it was reported that the NYSE is considering “branding” listing companies that violate the NYSE’s governance standards, perhaps using a flag added to the stock symbols of the companies in violation (akin to the “lf” flag now used for companies that file their periodic reports late).

The article also notes that the NYSE is considering amending its standards to clarify the disclosure requirements regarding director independence due to a “wide range of differences in the disclosures” provided by listed companies to date. We first flagged this issue back in June.

FASB Issues Staff Position on Option Grant Date Issue

On Tuesday, the FASB issued FAS 123(R)-2 which recognizes the board/committee decision date as the grant date if the grant is unilateral and is communicated within a short period of time. Here is a blog with background on this issue.

Internal Controls Update: The Big 4 Speak

We have posted the transcript from our recent webcast: “Internal Controls Update: The Big 4 Speak.”