October 28, 2005

DOJ’s Process for Approval of Attorney-Client Privilege Waivers

Many in the private bar have been concerned about the pressure put on the attorney-client privilege as a result of the Thompson Memo since early 2003. Apparently, the Department of Justice has recognized these concerns and is implementing a process for supervisory approval, as reflected in this DOJ memo that we have posted in our “Attorney-Client Privilege” Practice Area.

Course Materials for Executive Compensation Conference

We have posted the course materials for the “2nd Annual Executive Compensation Conference.” For those watching by video webcast on Monday, I urge you to print off the materials posted under “Speaker Materials” for each panel in advance – particularly ones labeled as “Talking Points” as those closely dovetail with what the speakers will discuss.

SEC Names Two Deputy Directors for Enforcement Division

Yesterday, the SEC announced the appointment of Walter Ricciardi and Peter Bresnan as Deputy Directors of the Division of Enforcement. Enforcement now follows in the footsteps of Corp Fin in maintaining two deputy director positions, as the layers of management continue to grow along with the overall size of the SEC Staff.