September 28, 2005

It’s That Time of the Year Again – End of the SEC’s Fiscal Year

When fiscal year 2006 starts on October 1st, the SEC will likely be operating under a continuing resolution as it normally does (under which fees remain at their current rates) – see last year’s blog as to why this is an annual rite. Once Congress approves the SEC’s ’06 budget, registration fees will go down to $107.00 per million from $117.70 per million.

Director Recruitment Developments

In this podcast, Dick McCallister, Managing Director of Boyden Global Executive Search, describes the latest trends in director search and recruitment, including:

– What is driving the need for international experience on boards?
– What industries are at the forefront of this movement?
– Where are companies finding directors with global experience?
– What other skills are most in demand on boards today?
– How are searches for financial experts faring these days?

For Accounting Purposes, Katrina Considered “Ordinary”

According to this article, the EITF of the FASB has reportedly determined that – for financial reporting purposes – the devastation wrought by Katrina does not meet these two criteria: “infrequent in occurrence” and “unusual in nature.”

Compare that to the musings a few weeks back in the blog about MAC clauses…