April 22, 2005

JCEB Notes for 2004 Posted!

Long-awaited, the notes from the 2004 meeting between the SEC Staff and the ABA’s Joint Committee on Employee Benefits were just released and reflect discussions with Staffers held after last May’s meeting. A lot of tough questions were dealt with in the JCEB meeting as the new 8-K rules were adopted during that period and the Staff’s 8-K FAQs released last Fall reflect some of those discussions. The 2005 JCEB/Staff meeting is being held in a few weeks.

To access these notes – as well as notes from prior years – go to our “JCEB Meeting with SEC Staff Notes” Practice Area.

What About Sending Items to SEC’s HQ?

In response to my blog yesterday about parts of Corp Fin moving today, several members asked where they should mail confidential treatment requests and other materials that get sent in hard copy to the SEC. The answer is that they don’t go to a new address yet; they still go to 450 Fifth Street until the SEC makes an announcement to the contrary. This might take a few months as the Staff will be spread out over the two buildings until sometime this Summer. Will keep you posted.

By the way, Corp Fin now has released the new phone numbers for those Operation offices that move today. All of the new numbers are reflected in our constantly updated “SEC Staff Organization Chart.”

Risks of Sharing Pleadings with the Media

My favorite interviews are those during which I learn a lot; I knew little about sharing pleadings with the media until I conducted this interview with Chris Ohly on Risks of Sharing Pleadings with the Media.