January 3, 2005

What Was Hot; What Was Not in 2004

Happy New Year! Here is my first annual – and admittedly lame – attempt at an “In/Out” List:

– Internal Controls/Controlling CEOs
– Just Vote No Campaigns/Shareholder Access
– Real-Time Disclosure/Abstaining from Disclosure
– Pay-As-You-Go/Pay-When-Ya-File
– SEC Comments on the Web/SEC Comments by FOIA Request
– Independent Auditors/The Company’s Auditors
– Tally Sheets/Mega-Grants
– Bloggers (voted “Men of the Year” by ABC!)/Weekly Print Newsletters

I know, not really off to a rousing start this year…if you have any suggestions, please email them to me and I will add them to this list.

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Year in Review for NYSE and NASD – and Looking Forward for PCAOB

Here are memos reviewing what happened in 2004 at the NYSE and the NASD.

Last week, the PCAOB approved a revised budget for 2005 – which includes nearly a 50% increase in staffing. This press release notes that the PCAOB might have to increase its already relatively high wages to attract new hires (fyi, the PCAOB pays considerably more than the SEC to its staffers).