October 1, 2004

E-Communications in California

A few weeks back, I blogged about several states that had amended their laws to allow for electronic-only shareholder meetings. Now, California has changed its laws to be more e-communications friendly. Join Keith Bishop, a former California Commissioner of Corporations, who dissects this development in this interview on Taking Care of Business Using Electronic Communications in California.

Filing Fees – It’s That Time of Year Again…

Yesterday, the SEC released Fee Advisory #3 stating that the SEC will operate under a continuing resolution that will extend through November 20th – meaning filing fees remain at their current rates until that time (and at that time, there likely will be another extension). Today is the first day of the SEC’s fiscal year – and it has become an annual tradition for Congress to drag their feet passing the federal budget, which forces the SEC to issue multiple fee advisories to reflect its “continuing resolution” status.

Five days from whenever Congress passes the budget, the SEC will lower registration fees from the current rate of $126.70 per million to $117.70 per million, a 7% decrease. We have experienced lower rates each year for quite a while now.