October 25, 2004 Lives!

If you haven’t heard Alan Beller’s speech last week – noted in this NY Times article yesterday – it is MUST viewing as it is very significant for those involved with drafting proxy disclosures – and the video contains Q&A following his speech that includes important clarifications to his remarks.

Due to the incredible demand, we have decided to maintain next year – and have posted a special offer for those that renew by December 15th.

In addition, for those that waited and missed the 10/20 conference, you can still subscribe this year and obtain a special rate if you also subscribe for next year at the same time.

More Than a Pet Peeve – It’s Theft

True story: As the 10/20 conference is about to commence, frantic call from IT person at a major law firm saying “I have 50 irate lawyers over here that have tried using the ID and password you have provided and it won’t work.” A quick check of our records reveal that a license for only one user was purchased.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident for any of our online services. I’m not sure why lawyers (of all people) think they are entitled to steal from us – but last time I checked, theft is still a crime in most states. But its the ethics that bothers me, we work hard and I believe we provide full value for the prices we charge. So why cheat us?

By the way, a few years back, Legg Mason was hit with a $20 million dollar judgment because its employees were sharing IDs/passwords for an online service.

A Preview of the Disney Trial?

With lots of attention being paid to the Disney trial, it is probably taking a look at the recent opinion of Vice Chancellor Noble of the Delaware Court of Chauncery in Integrated Health Services v. Elgin.

This opinion was discussed during my videotaped panel with current and former Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justices Steele and Veasey – and it is the first case that interprets the “good faith” standard enunciated in the May 2003 Disney decision arising out of the Ovitz severance payment.