September 22, 2004

Finally Got My Act Together

I finally changed my blogging software – so that my blog entries are now word-searchable and you can also register to receive emails when I blog. Still tweaking the “look and feel” for the next few days. Kool Aid Man says “Oh yeah!” kool aid man.bmp

Tackling This Year’s Auditor Engagement Letter

I am receiving lots of questions regarding strong-arming from the Big Four (aka the “Mighty Big Four”) during negotiations over auditor engagement letters, including issues regarding:

– Getting auditors to agree that their providing materials to the PCAOB or the SEC does not constitute a waiver of any privileges or doctrines available to the company or its counsel

– Getting clients comfortable with the dispute resolution mechanism

– Getting notice from auditors if the PCAOB requests documents relating to the audit of the client

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on these subjects – there appears to be a real need to share on this one…