August 30, 2004

Sample 8-K In-House Memo Regarding

Following on the heels of the popular Sample 8-K In-House Memo for Reporting Chain Insiders that we posted last week, we have posted a Sample 8-K In-House Memo Regarding Material Definitive Agreements in a Word file.

This new sample memo is designed to help explain the tricky thresholds within the concept of “material definitive agreements” to employees in the reporting chain, complete with instructions on how to proceed if an agreement might be considered material for a particular company based on the parameters specified in the memo (the memo has blanks to tailor these parameters for a particular company).

We have posted this sample memo in our “Form 8-K” Practice Area and our Sample Document Library. And don’t forget to keep those 8-K questions coming to for our September 23rd webcast on the topic!

SEC Finally Blesses PCAOB’s New Documentation Standards

Last week, the SEC approved the PCAOB’s Auditing Standard No. 3, which require auditors to retain their records for seven years – and in sufficient detail so that an experienced auditor with no previous connection to the engagement could read them and understand clearly what work had been performed, who performed the work and why the auditor reached its conclusions. The PCAOB had finalized this standard back in early June, so it still is taking the SEC quite a bit of time to approve the PCAOB’s standards.