July 19, 2004 in the News! If

If you didn’t see the Sunday edition of the NY Times Business section, Gretchen Morgenson’s article about “No Wonder CEOs Love Those Mergers” included a few quotes from Jesse Brill about the need for compensation committees to tally up all the compensation that a CEO is entitled to receive, both annually and in the event of a triggering event (like a merger).

In addition, Gretchen gave a shout out to the May-June edition of The Corporate Counsel and mentioned!

An IDS Development

Today, American Seafoods Corp filed Amendment No. 7 to Form S-1 for its IDS offering. This could wind up being the first IDS that the SEC Staff declares effective since the first one late last year – there are another dozen and a half still in the queue – and thus could serve as a model after it goes effective for what other IDS issuers need to disclose.

We are adding this amended S-1 to our “Income Deposit Securities” Practice Area.