June 7, 2004

More on the Berlin-Bremen Exchange

Dan Mahoney of Rogers & Theobald LLP reports that he has had success getting his clients delisted from the Berlin-Bremen Exchange after sending a communcation to Julia Hädicke at Berliner Freiverkehr. Her contact information is: (Aktien) AG – Kurfürstendamm 119 – 10711 Berlin / Phone: +49-30-890 21 143 – / Fax: +49-30-890 21 198 / email –

To find out if a company has been delisted – go to Yahoo-Finance and enter the company’s ticker symbol and then “.be” after it, the listing on the Berlin-Bremen Exchange will come up. It will show whether they were dropped or not. Some are simply pending, so they display all zeroes.

Dan notes that the Berlin-Bremen Exchange is the same as the so-called “Unofficial Regulated Market”, which is one of the three organized and regulated markets of the German exchanges (the other two are the Official (“Amtlicher Markt”) and the Regulated (“Geregelter Markt”) Markets). The Berlin-Bremen Exchange listing process is simple as an authorized broker merely needs to file an application for a permit with the administration of the exchange for trading the stocks.

For trading on this exchange, there are fewer requirements (egs. there are no annual fees and no publication and, of course, no consent requirement by the company) – because the stocks are already listed on other exchanges that have more extensive review criteria.