June 3, 2004

Impact of Internal Controls on

Here is a pretty interesting interview with Chris Ford and Scott Stevenson on Impact of Internal Controls on Outsourcing. Not only is the topic timely, but the impact of 404 on outsourcing can be significant, particularly for more mature companies that have outsourced functions or processes that affect controls over financial reporting.

What is the Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange? And Why is Your Company Listed There (Without Your Knowledge)?

Here is a question I answered yesterday on our Q&A Forum: “One of our smaller publicly held clients received notice that its shares have been listed for trading on the Berlin-Bremen stock exchange, without the company’s prior knowledge, consent or authorization. From a quick search on the internet, it looks like this has happened to a number of other smaller publicly held companies and that the concern in that due to the unregulated nature of this exchange, a company’s stock could be targeted for naked shorting. Has anyone had any experience with this issue and procedures with the de-listing process?”

For the answer, check out our Q&A Forum, which is available from a button at the top of the home page on (hint – this development is affecting hundreds, and perhaps, thousands of companies!)