March 24, 2004

Phone Number Crisis at the

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer effectively killed Elaine’s phone number (I think he gave out her number as a fax line). That’s when Elaine had to get a new phone number because the “212” area code wasn’t available to her – which thus rendered her undateable.

Well, the same type of thing is happening at the SEC’s HQ. So many new staffers have been hired that the omnipresent “942-” prefix is no longer available. Instead, new staffers have phone numbers with a “824-” prefix. And for the trivia buffs, what is the difference between 942 and 824? Answer is that you subtract a one from the first digit and flip the order of the last two…

And Even More “SEC Speaks” Notes

These PLI “SEC Speaks” notes are from the panel with staffers from the Office of Chief Accountant.


After a long search, the PCAOB has hired the head of its enforcement arm – Claudius Modesti formerly served as an assistant prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney General’s office for the Eastern District of Virginia.

By the way, the SEC has proposed the PCAOB’s investigations and adjudication rulemaking as well as its conforming amendments to its interim standards from the attestation rulemaking for comment (note that the attestation standards themselves have not yet been proposed out by the SEC).