January 5, 2004

Another One of Those New

And yes, I am getting new blogging software this year. This software doesn’t allow for columns…

Out During 2003/In for 2004

– Harvey Pitt/William Donaldson
– CEO Perqs/CEO Certs
– Peek-a-Boo/P-Cob (nah, just checking to see if you’re paying attention)
– Reporting “Up”/Reporting “Out”
– Private Analyst Meetings/No Earnings Guidance
– Walk with Your Feet/”Just Vote No”
– “Elevator Music”/MD&A with Feeling
– Non-Audit Services/Internal Controls Documentation Services
– Weekly Industry Newsletters/Blogs!

Of Course, Don’t Forget to Renew

A New Year means that your membership should be renewed because all of our subscriptions run on a calendar year. You can renew online, fax or regular mail by going to our “Renewal Center” and keep this puppy afloat.

And for law firms, its never too late to enter into a firmwide license and avoid the hassle of id’s and passwords (and save money to boot).