October 14, 2003

Shareholder Access Release is Up

The SEC has posted its shareholder access proposal – lots of questions asked in the release…

GMI Study Shows Link Between Good Governance & Financial Performance

GovernanceMetrics International – one of the governance rating services – recently completed a study that demonstrated a positive link between strong governance practices and a company’s financial performance. Among other things, GMI found that overall, average annual total returns are higher as the percentage of independent directors increases.

For subscribers, we have posted an interview with Howard Sherman, the Chief Operating Officer of GMI, on the results of that study and the relationship between corporate governance and a company’s financial performance.

8-Ks and 906 Certifications

I have received a few clarifying questions on what Paula Dubberly stated at the ACCA conference last week regarding the SEC/DOJ joint position on 906 certs (see my10/8 blog). The most common question relates to 8-Ks – its should be noted that the joint position applies to no 8-K, even ones with financial statements.