March 26, 2003

On April 1, the SEC

On April 1, the SEC is holding an open meeting to adopt the audit committee of exchange-listed companies rules. This comes a day after the PCAOB holds a roundtable at the SEC’s HQ in Washington to discuss registration of foreign audit firms (and for which the SEC issued a press release making a big deal of the fact that the SEC Commissioners would also attend the roundtable).

The SEC’s test website for Section 16 filings is up and running – don’t get confused if you play around on the site and it issues warnings that you are about to make a “live” filing. It really doesn’t mean it. The test site is at

For subscribers, we have posted an interview with Ken Winer on SEC enforcement and 3rd party liability at

We have also posted sample disclosure committee charters and D&O questionnaires under “Special Features” on the home page – as well as a more recent edition of the SEC Telephone Directory (Sept. 2002 version) at