"Nasdaq Speaks '12: Latest Developments and Interpretations"

Thursday, June 7, 2012

2:00 - 2:45 pm, eastern [archive and transcript to follow]

Course Materials

Join us for our 5th annual webcast regarding what is happening at Nasdaq. During this webcast, senior Nasdaq Staffers will provide a wide range of practical guidance, from what are the latest rule changes to what are the latest Staff interpretations, and much more. Join these experts:

  • Mike Emen, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq's Listing Qualifications Department
  • Arnold Golub, Vice President, Nasdaq's Office of General Counsel
  • Lisa Roberts, Vice President, Nasdaq's Listing Qualifications Department
  • Jurij Trypupenko, Associate General Counsel, Nasdaq's Office of General Counsel
  • Manny Alicandro, Vice President, Nasdaq's MarketWatch

Among the topics of this program are:

  • What rules and listing standard changes has Nasdaq proposed and adopted recently?
  • What is on the Nasdaq's rulemaking agenda going forward?
  • What other issues should Nasdaq companies be aware of?

Cost: As 2012 members of TheCorporateCounsel.net are able to attend this critical webcast at no charge. If not yet a member, try a no-risk trial now. The webcast cost for non-members is $595. You can renew or sign up for a no-risk trial online - or by fax or mail via this order form. If you need assistance, send us an email at info@thecorporatecounsel.net - or call us at 925.685.5111.

How to access the webcast program:  Visit www.TheCorporateCounsel.net and click the link on the webcast. You need either Windows Media or Flash to listen to the webcast.

What you can do if you can't access the live program: If you have a scheduling conflict or have problems accessing webcasts generally (due to firewalls, etc.), an audio archive of the webcast will be posted immediately after the program - and a text transcript of the program will be posted on TheCorporateCounsel.net about a week after the live webcast. We don't apply for CLE for any of our audio webcasts.