"iPads in the Boardroom: 20 Issues to Consider"

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2:00 - 3:00 pm, eastern [archive and transcript to follow]


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One of the hottest topics for corporate secretaries involves the invasion of iPads in the boardroom. This webcast will provide practical guidance about issues to consider and obstacles to overcome. Join:

  • Gina Merritt-Epps, Corporate Counsel/Secretary, South Jersey Industries
  • Alicia Myara, Vice President - Corporate Governance, Freddie Mac
  • Kerry Radich, Manager of Operations, Chevron

Here are the 20 topics of this program:

  1. Whose idea to bring iPads into the boardroom was it? Management or the board?
  2. If some directors are reluctant to use iPads, how can you help to get them excited?
  3. What types of questions should be asked when interviewing potential service providers (eg. does product look like a book)?
  4. Who should be on the team to implement and integrate this new technology?
  5. How long does it typically take to implement the new technology?
  6. Is it more than just an off-the-shelf product or are there challenges to integrating with a board portal?
  7. How intensive is the training for directors to start using iPads?
  8. What types of discoverability issues are there? Should directors be allowed to download apps and personal emails? How restrictive will the company be?
  9. How about taking annotated notes on board materials that reside on the iPad?
  10. How much should the corporate secretary monitor or "track" a director's online activity?
  11. If a director is on multiple boards, should the iPad be permitted to be used for all the boards?
  12. Should hard copies of materials still be sent mailed to directors? Or handed out at the board meeting? Does using iPads save time so materials can go out later?
  13. Are there cost savings related to using iPads?
  14. When management makes a presentation at the board meeting, do they use an iPad to project from? Are there are other meeting logistics to consider (eg. back-up; power cords)?
  15. If a director has a technical question about the iPad, who should the director call? The corporate secretary or the service provider?
  16. What is iPad management like, including inventory, processing lost or stolen tablets, upgrades, maintaining IDs & passwords?
  17. What happens when a director leaves the board and wants to keep the iPad?
  18. If a director travels out of the country, should the iPad travel too? What about international privacy laws? Security issues?
  19. Should a company's D&O insurance provider be contacted before implementing iPads?
  20. Should corporate secretaries use iPads themselves to take minutes, etc.?


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