June 23, 2015

Survey Results: Hedging Policies

Thanks to those that participated in this survey – a hot topic! Below are the results from our recent survey on hedging policies:

1. Does your hedging policy cover?
– Only officers? – 3%
– Only officers & directors? – 43%
– Officers, directors & employees? – 54%

2. Does the hedging policy cover?
– Only company securities granted by the company as compensation? – 3%
– All company securities without regard to how acquired? – 97%

3. If your company doesn’t currently cover all employees under a hedging policy, do you expect to expand it now to all employees?
– Yes – 27%
– No – 73%

4. Do you think there is a way to effectively enforce a broad hedging policy?
– Yes – 8%
– No – 61%
– Not sure – 31%

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Escheatment: Delaware Proposes Changes Beneficial to Companies

As noted in this memo, Delaware Senate Bill 141 was introduced in the Delaware General Assembly last week proposing many significant changes to the existing Delaware unclaimed property audit and administration regime, many of which would be beneficial to companies if the law gets passed. Delaware likely is acting as it was just sued for the first time before an audit, according to this WSJ article. This is a hot topic – see this audio archive of our recent related webcast…

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– Jeff Werbitt