May 22, 2014

Conflict Minerals: Share Your Wealth (of Knowledge)

As we careen towards the June 2nd deadline for filing Form SDs, I’ll probably be blogging more about conflict minerals than I care to. But it’s the topic of the day. Here are three new items:

1. Share Guidance You Receive from Corp Fin – If you have an interpretive question for Corp Fin and receive a response, please share it with me. I will then share it on this site without naming you and your company. At this point, I don’t believe that Corp Fin will issue more interpretive guidance – so if you receive any guidance on a one-to-one basis, please share it with me in case that may useful to others.

2. Two More Form SDs Filed – The third & fourth Form SDs have been filed: Intel has filed a great one – and here’s this one by CAE Inc. Thanks to Intelligize for the heads up!

3. Companies Still Struggling with Supply Chain – This WSJ article entitled “Companies Unearth Few Answers on ‘Conflict Minerals’” indicates that many companies have spent years trying to determine if their suppliers use conflict minerals but still don’t know…

Proxy Season Trivia: It’s Peak Day for Annual Shareholder Meetings!

ISS informs us that today is the apex of the proxy season, with 237 companies scheduled to hold their annual shareholder meetings. The next biggest days for annual meetings are May 21 (197 meetings), May 20 (165), May 15 (157), May 13 (143)…

Thanks for the Gumball Mickey – Corp Fin Alumni: ’90s (Vol. 1)

Here’s the first installment of SEC alumni who have participated in one of my Gumball videos:

– Broc Romanek