December 21, 2012

SEC Enforcement Chief Khuzami to Leave?

Saw the first mentions of a rumor that Enforcement Director Rob Khuzami would soon be leaving the SEC last night. And now most of the major media outlets are reporting the same - including the WSJ and Bloomberg. If he does indeed leave, that would mean three Director departures out of the four major Divisions within a few short weeks (and remember that the SEC is working with an "Acting" Chief Accountant - and the IM Director turned over just six months ago)! Here is the ten cents that I recently blogged about whether all these senior Staff departures are normal after an election...

The Fiscal Cliff: How Many at the SEC Will Be Furloughed?

Hopefully this will be my last blog of this year - trying a blog vacation next week - and with the fiscal cliff looming, the federal agencies are gearing up for the consequences. Furloughs galore. See this Washington Post article and this Government Executive piece.

- Broc Romanek