August 8, 2016

Prohibited? Using the SEC’s Logo

Wow, I was shocked to check the “SEC Staff Alumni” group that I created on LinkedIn a while back on a whim – and see that it now has over 900 members. Anyone is free to join. Meanwhile, I created this “Securities & Exchange Commission Memories” group on Facebook about two years ago – it’s a place where you can see old pictures, hear stories and reminisce about old friends who have passed. I believe it’s the only group on Facebook devoted to SEC alumni & staffers.

One of the first members to join my LinkedIn group urged me to use the SEC’s official logo as the group’s logo. I refused as I presume the SEC has trademarked their logo (with the Patent & Trademark Office; or maybe federal agencies don’t even need to bother doing that as it’s presumed to be trademarked) and who knows what other laws would be violated if a logo looked too similar to a federal agency’s. But I do note that rampant use of federal agency logos is happening all over the Web (eg. this Forbes article uses the SEC’s logo)…

Cybersecurity: Boards Aren’t Getting Sufficient Training

In NAVEX Global’s benchmark report about compliance training, you will find that boards aren’t getting enough cybersecurity training including these stats:

– Cybersecurity – 22% train boards, 69% train employees
– Workplace harassment – 12% train boards, 76% train employees
– Conflicts of interest – 33% train boards, 76% train employees
– +40% don’t train boards on anything
– Only 20% train new board members

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Broc Romanek