August 25, 2015

Today’s “Pay Ratio Workshop” – Includes 22-Pages of Annotated Model Disclosures!

Surprise! We decided to pre-record all of the nine panels for today’s “Pay Ratio Workshop.” So if you’re among the many that have registered, you can access all nine panels right now! When you get to this Conference page, just click on a panel’s name – or the “Audio” link adjacent to a panel. Register now if you haven’t yet!

The Course Materials include 22-pages of annotated model pay ratio disclosures (in Word to facilitate your starting point!) – and 128-pages of detailed analysis of executive pay disclosures made during the 2015 proxy season.

The Course Materials alone are worth the price of admission. But this 4-hour audio-only event is paired with our much lengthier “Proxy Disclosure Conference” & “Say-on-Pay Workshop” that are being held in October. Register Now! Here’s a list of the 9 panels for the “Pay Ratio Workshop” (& the agendas for all three events):

– “Overview: The Final Rules”
– “Getting Ready for Compliance: Sampling & Other Data Issues”
– “Streamlining Your Compliance Efforts”
– “Board Presentations: What To Tell Boards Now”
– “Disclosure: Handling the Transition Period”
– “Parsing Model Disclosures: US-Only Workforces”
– “Parsing Model Disclosures: Global Workforces”
– “Parsing a Recent Pay Ratio Disclosure”
– “How to Handle PR & Employee Fallout”

pay ratio

– Broc Romanek