December 10, 2010

The Future is Here: Easy-to-Do Animated Reg FD Training

In this podcast, Melissa Gleespen of Owens Corning explains how she made this Reg FD training video, including:

– How much effort did it take to create the video?
– Did you get help on the technology side?
– How has it been received by those that have been trained with it?

More on “Dodd-Frank: An Unintended Consequence?”

Since I received such strong member feedback to my blog about silly SEC filings being forced upon some companies by Section 1503(b)(1) of Dodd-Frank (the miner safety provision), I thought I would share another one – this Form 8-K from Westmoreland Coal Company. I wish the reader response to my “Jimmy from Legal” was as strong! Real life always beats fiction…

On Wednesday, the SEC will hold an open Commission meeting to propose rules on mine safety and conflict materials, among other non-Corp Fin related items.

More on “The Mentor Blog”

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– Broc Romanek