October 13, 2005

Option Expensing Disclosures

What might be the latest sleeper issue? Check out the just mailed Sept-Oct issue of The Corporate Executive – as well as this interview with Steve Quinlivan and Jeff Cotter on Option Expensing Disclosures. SAB 107 is gonna shake up MD&A soon enough, very soon for some companies.

Some folks are “on” this issue – many of them are attending this year’s NASPP Annual Conference in early November, as that conference includes 8 panels on expensing as well as an address by FASB Chair Bob Herz on the topic.

But who knows, maybe they are attending to catch the Hootie & the Blowfish show at the House of Blues that comes part and parcel with the conference – I sure could use a little fun and wish all legal conferences had some entertainment…

Want to Understand Hedge Fund Activism?

It seems like there is an article cada dia about hedge fund activism in the papers – here is yesterday’s WSJ article on the topic. Tuesday’s webcast on “The Convergence of Hedge Funds and Its Impact on M&A” was superb and went 15 minutes long (and it could have gone another two hours to be honest).

With MacKenzie Partners CEO Dan Burch joining the panel at the last minute – and Dan is involved with many of the hedge fund takeover battles raging these days – the panel imparted much knowledge about who the players are; what do they want – and what it means for companies that don’t want their boat to be rocked. I blogged more about this webcast on the Blog.

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US Supreme Court Denies Certiorari in Gemstar Appeal

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari in the Gemstar-TV Guide appeal, thereby giving a boost to the SEC’s power to freeze payments to executives during investigations of possible securities law violations.

The decision confirms the SEC’s authority to prevent companies from paying extraordinary amounts to officers and directors who are under investigation by the SEC – and severance and indemnification arrangement should now come under greater scrutiny.