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  1. World's Largest List of Flintstones Characters
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  1. World's Largest List of Flintstones Characters

    Below is a list of the characters that have been shown in episodes of "The Flintstones", regardless of their obscurity and all of them drawn from the original series (1960-1966):

    1. 88 Fingers Louie - sells Fred a 'hot' piano
    2. A.A. Carborundum
    3. Aaron Boulder - millionaire cop TV star of "Smile, You're On My Favorite Crime"
    4. Adobe Dick - whale
    5. Alvin Brickrock - TV star of takeoff of "Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
    6. Ann-Margrock - movie star hired to watch Pebbles
    7. Arnold the Paper Boy - outsmarts Fred every time
    8. Baby Puss - Flintstones' pet saber toothed cat
    9. Badluck Shleprock - dude with bad luck
    10. Baffles Gravel - jewel thief
    11. Bamm-Bamm - Rubbles' abnormally strong adopted son
    12. Barbaruba - Stonyrock-arabian prince who Barney is mistaken for
    13. Barney Rubble - Fred's best friend and next door neighbor
    14. Ben Cartrock - has Hoss and Little Joe Cartrock in the episode when Fred becomes sheriff
    15. Betty Rubble (maiden name of Betty Jean McBricker) - Wilma's best friend and next door neighbor; poses as elderly Mrs. O-Lady in one episode
    16. Big Ed - bookie who bets on dinosaur races
    17. Big Sparkle
    18. Blowhard Sandstone - bowling house champion who Fred defeats (with help of invisible Barney)
    19. Boo Boo the Bear - Yogi's buddy, appeared on one episode
    20. Bony Hurdle - rodeo rider, Wilma's old sweetheart
    21. Boulder Dan - owns a billiard parlor
    22. Boulderettes - accidentally sent to Pebbles' birthday party
    23. Captain Blah - owns the HMS Bountystone
    24. Cartrocks - westerners Ben, Hoss and Little Joe
    25. Chip Flintstone Rubbles - son of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
    26. Chip Marble
    27. Conrad Hailstone - insurance company owner who Fred works for in one episode
    28. Cousin Tumbleweed - owns a ranch
    29. Darrin Stephens - one time neighbor of Flintstones
    30. Dash Rip Rock - detective in charge with spying on Fred to see if he was fooling around (this could be wrong; there is strong evidence to support Dash was Elly Mae's movie star suitor on the Beverly Hillbillies and not on the Flintstones)
    31. Detective Shale
    32. Dino - Flintstone's pet dinosaur who barks like a dog, whose species is Snorkasaurus
    33. Doozey - Dodo bird pet of the Flintstones
    34. Dr. Corset
    35. Dr. Len Frankenstone - has a personality-switching machine
    36. Dr. Pilldown
    37. Dr. Sinister - has an island fortress
    38. Dripper - performing sealosaurus who follows Barney home
    39. Ed Flintstone - Fred's father
    40. Ed Sullystone - TV host of "The Ed Sullystone Show"
    41. Eddy Alfaro - Fred's Butler
    42. Edna Hardrock Flintstone - Fred's mother
    43. Eppy Brianstone - celebrated musical entrepreneur
    44. Frederick Joseph "Fred" Flintstone - main character; has many alias including: Goggles Pisano; Wings; Macyrock Santa Fred; Troy
    45. Gary Granite - movie star who Fred becomes a stand-in for
    46. Gina Lollobrickida - maid who quits working for the Flintstones
    47. Mr. Goldbrick
    48. Go Go Ravine - movie producer
    49. Goggles Pizano - Fred's alias in the Indianapolisrock 500
    50. Grandma Dynamite - Flintstone's housekeeper, who turns out to be a notorious bank robber
    51. Grandpa Flintstone
    52. Great Mesmo - TV star who is a hypnotist
    53. Great Gazoo - a Zetox alien exiled to Earth who helps "dumb-dumbs" Fred and Barney, often against their will
    54. Greta Gravel - Wilma's old friend who Fred woos for Mr. Slate
    55. Gruesomes, Weirdly and Creepella - Flintstone's strange next-door neighbors who live in Tombstone Manor
    56. Gus ("Smooooothie") - Fred's old friend who owns a hotel
    57. G.W. Stonehead
    58. Harvey Millrocks
    59. Hoagy Carmichael - musical composer
    60. Hoppy - Rubbles' pet Hopparoo (a kangaroo/dinosaur combination creature)
    61. Hot Lips Hannigan - trumpeter who is a friend of Fred's
    62. (Hum Along With) Herman - TV star who hosts Fred's barbershop quartet group
    63. J. L. Gotrocks - Fred's rich double, part of well known couple from exclusive part of town
    64. J. Montague Gypsum - suicidal guy who Fred saves
    65. Jemina Hardrock - Fred's uncle's sister
    66. Jimmy Darrock - surf idol posing as lifeguard
    67. Jimmy O'Neillstone - "Shinrock" TV host
    68. Joe Rockhead - Fred's buddy
    69. Junior - included in the series' press release and in a Little Golden Book adventure (as well as on some advance merchandise related to the program), but never on the actual show
    70. King of Stonesylvania - Fred switches places with him
    71. Kissing Burglar - thief with a romantic touch who has Wilma starry-eyed
    72. Larry Lava - "Hawaiian Spy" TV star
    73. Mr. Loudrock - obnoxious neighbor of Flintsones, who has pet that Dino falls in love with
    74. Madam Yes - lures Fred and Barney to Dr. Sinister's island fortress
    75. Mangler - escapes from prison after jury foreman Fred sends him there
    76. Marblehead - Barney's nephew
    77. Melville J. Muchrocks - crook
    78. Mr. Nate Slate (although some episodes call him "Sam" or "George") - Fred's boss at the quarry
    79. Norman Rockbind - television producer
    80. Pearl Pebble Slaghoople - Wilma's mother
    81. Pebbles Flintstone - daughter of Fred and Wilma
    82. Perry Gunite - private eye
    83. Perry Masonry - lawyer
    84. Professor Rockimoto
    85. Quartz
    86. Roberto Rockelini - romantic guy who Wilma has Fred imitate
    87. Rockbind
    88. Mr. Rockenschpeel
    89. Rock Hudstone - movie star
    90. Rock Quarry (hides identity as Gus Schultz) - movie star
    91. Rock Roll - rocker who performs in a parody of the Twist
    92. Rocko the Clown - accidentally sent to Water Buffalo Lodge rather than Pebbles' birthday party
    93. Rocky Genial - TV star on "Peek-a-boo Camera"
    94. Rocky Stone
    95. Rodney Whetstone - Wilma's old boyfriend who calls her calls her "Wilma Pebbles"
    96. Roger - rookie baseball star
    97. Roland Rockwell - painter
    98. Roxy Flintstone Rubbles - son of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm
    99. Samantha Stephens - one time neighbor of Flintstones who uses magic
    100. Sam Slagheap - Grand Poobah of the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes
    101. Sassie - TV star dinosaur who Dino falls for
    102. Scat Von Rocktoven - music writer
    103. Sherman Cobblehead - owns a hotel
    104. Shystone
    105. Slatery Brothers - ride into Rocky Gulch just as Fred becomes sheriff
    106. Sonny Dempstone - boxer
    107. Stoneface
    108. Stonefinger - kidnaps Fred and Barney because thinks Barney is scientist Dr. Rockenheimer
    109. Stony Curtis - movie star of 'Slave Boy'
    110. Stoolie Pigeon
    111. Superstone - TV star whose identify Fred assumes and episode in which thief sidekick keeps saying "Yeah, yeah, I'm hip, I'm hip"
    112. Ted Stonevan
    113. Tex Hardrock - Fred's uncle on his mother's side who owns Texarock ranch
    114. Uncle Giggles - Fred's eccentric uncle who lived on nightmare hill
    115. Way Outs - musical act (singing) "Way Out, Way Out - That's Where the Fun Is - Way Out." They were spools with long hair and every time they sang "way out", they would bounce.
    116. Wilbur Terwilligerock - Wilma's old boyfriend
    117. Wilma Flintstone - Fred's wife (maiden name of Wilma Pebbles Slaghoople)
    118. Yogi Bear - smarter than average bear, appeared on one episode
    119. Zeke Flintstone - Fred's uncle that owned Sandstone Cemente, a pun on the California town, San Clemente
    120. Saturday - Pacific islander tour guide when gang took a ship cruise to a vacation resort
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