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Deal Cube Contest Process & Rules

  1. Process
    1. There are 64 deal cubes in the 1st tournament. Additional tournaments will be held so please keep those pics coming.
    2. A selection committee has ranked (ie. seeded) the 64 cubes - unlike the NCAA hoops tourney, those rankings are used for internal purposes and won't be revealed until a winner is crowned.
    3. In each of the first three rounds, half of the remaining cubes will be eliminated. For those three rounds, four cubes will be pitted against each other - and the three cubes obtaining the lowest number of votes will be eliminated. Thus, a voter can cast two votes on a group of four cubes.
    4. In the last two rounds, two cubes will be pitted against each other and a voter can cast one vote on a group of two cubes.
    5. Voting will take place on a poll placed on Broc's Blog daily. There will be a break between each round to allow votes to be cast for the last few contests in each round for more than a few days.
    6. Polls will remain open for each round for quite a while - so don't worry if you miss a day (or a week).
  2. Rules
    1. There are no rules. Just like it's unfair if folks that work the hardest on a deal wind up with no cube, it is possible that an inferior cube can attract more votes than a superior cube if someone figures out a way to obtain more votes for their cube (egs. casting multiple votes, having friends and family vote, offering bribes for votes).
    2. FCPA doesn't apply - so bribing of the selection committee (ie. Broc) will be considered.
    3. Have fun and tell your friends about our contest.
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