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SEC Chairman's Award to "Auditor Independence Team" (2000)

Front row-left to right: _? (General Counsel's office); Jack Katz, Secretary; Edith Orenstein, Office of the Chief Accountant; Arthur Levitt, Chairman; Casey __? (Office of Legislative Affairs); Arthur Laby, Office of General Counsel
Back row – left to right: John Morrissey, Deputy Chief Accountant; Jonathan Sokobin, Office of Economic Analysis; Mark Reidy, Director, Office of Economic Analysis; Kara __?, Office of the Chairman; [to right of Chairman Levitt, back row]: Andrew Bailey, Academic Fellow, Dave __?(General Counsel's office, formerly Corp Fin); Sam Burke, Office of Chief Accountant; Bob Burns, Chief Counsel, Office of Chief Accountant.

SEC Chairman's Award to Auditor Independence Team (2000)

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