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In-House Accelerator

If you're relatively new to being in-house - or if you want to improve your client work by gaining that perspective - take advantage of our "In-House Accelerator." It consists of 221 FAQs from our In-House Accelerator paperback (here's the Table Of Contents) - which you can either read online or listen to via our podcast series. To arm you with practical tips for tasks you'll encounter in your daily work, our syllabus also links to over 100 specific checklists and handbooks that relate to the topics covered. Then, test your knowledge with our quizzes! This training program is available only to members of

The materials cover these four areas:

1. Corporate Governance
2. Proxy Season
3. '34 Act Reporting
4. Other

How Much Is It?

Interested In The Free Version?

Any member of can access a Free Version of "The In-House Accelerator." Beef up your knowledge by going through the four "Course Sections" in any order you wish. The free version of the "In-House Accelerator" doesn't include online access to the paperback or organized links to relevant checklists and handbooks.

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