Three Critical Conferences for One Price!
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"Pay Ratio Workshop"
August 25th via Audio Webcast Only

"Proxy Disclosure/Say-on-Pay Conferences"
October 27th-28th in San Diego
and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast


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With pay ratio & say-on-pay shaking everything up—and Congress, the SEC Staff, investors and the media scrutinizing this year's disclosures more than ever before—it is critical to have the best possible guidance for addressing next year's proxy statement compensation disclosures. Led by an expert faculty, you will learn how to properly prepare your compensation disclosures and how to resolve many of the difficult issues that you will continue to face in setting compensation practices. This trio of full-day conferences will be a "must" for anyone who has any role in setting/approving compensation arrangements or the preparation or review of proxy statements.

We are doing our part to help you address all these changes—and avoid costly pitfalls—by offering a special three conferences-for-one rate so that you can attend these critical conferences. Here are the agendas for the conferences.

Like last year's blockbuster conferences, an archive of all three conferences will be right there at your desktop to refer to—and refresh your memory—when you are actually grappling with drafting the disclosures or reviewing/approving pay packages. Here are FAQs about the Conferences.

Three Conferences in One!   We have combined all three of our popular Conferences—two focusing on proxy disclosures and the other on compensation practices—into one package to simplify registration.

Who Should Attend: Every person responsible for preparing and reviewing compensation disclosures—and every person responsible for implementing executive and equity compensation plans or who counsels or advises boards—including CEOs, CFOs, directors, HR staff, lawyers, corporate secretaries, accountants and consultants.

Register Now: Online or By Mail/Fax