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"Activist Profiles & Playbooks"

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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High stock market volatility, a slump in dealmaking, and economic uncertainty would likely be enough on their own to make 2023 a target rich environment for activists. But changes in the dynamics of proxy contests resulting from the universal proxy rules and the potential entry of new activists into the mix could result in unprecedented levels of activism in 2023. That makes it even more important to identify who the activists are, what makes them tick - and how activism is changing. Join these experts:

  • Anne Chapman, Managing Director, Joele Frank
  • Alexandra Higgins, Managing Director, Okapi Partners
  • Damien Park, Managing Director, Spotlight Advisors LLC
  • Dan Scorpio, Managing Director at H/Advisors Abernathy

Topics include:

  • What are the lessons from 2022's activist campaigns?
  • What can companies expect from activists during this proxy season and how are companies preparing?
  • How will universal proxy change activism and companies' response to it?
  • Who are the activists and what are their strategies?